Automobile & Touring Club of Nigeria (ATCN)

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Motorsport Club of Nigeria (MSCN) was established with aims and objectives to promote and organize motorsport activities in Nigeria.


About MSCN

MSCN supports new organizations in organizing their events in accordance to international standard.


Motorsport Club of Nigeria (MSCN)


This is the easiest stage for new comers to have their first trial of a competitive motorsport. The aim is for the person to be able to handle short races not over 1200 meters long. This usually done against the clock.

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Its all about car control. Where drivers are to negotiate memorised course at low speed without hitting any markers or water containers.

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Circuit Racing:

A number of cars races wheel to wheel on a track. The winner is the first to reach a chequered flag. Which falls once the designated number of laps has been completed.

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Cross Country:

Cross Country events are the best reason for getting your 4×4 out of town and doing what it was designed for. This off-road discipline combines elements of rallying and trials, depending on the event.

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Drag Racing:

Drag racing is probably the fastest, loudest and most spectacular motorsport of all, where two cars and drivers race against each other to see which can cover the specified distance in the quickest time.

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It’s pretty well-known that, barring a few exceptions, most of today’s top professional racing drivers all started their careers in karting. karting is a sport for all and there’s nothing to stop you competing.

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